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Gastric Band Testimonial

"Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm a 29 year old nurse. For people my age, I think a gastric band is a big step to take, but since having my surgery my life has changed so much. From my childhood, I had a great appetite. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I was left alone most of the time, always with fast food. At 11 years old my mother sent me to a “weight loss camp”, which worked for a short amount of time, but I regained everything I had lost, and some more! By the age of 12 I was back at the “weight loss camp” again, with the same results, re-gaining my lost weight pretty fast. This pretty much continued until I was 25, yo-yoing up and down until I reached a weight of 20 stone! I started considering a gastric band, but fell pregnant again, so that put it on hold.

Last year, I started my search for a gastric band clinic online. I really searched allot! I called a couple of clinics in Ireland, and noticed a big difference right away when I called David in Auralia. Right away, he made me feel relaxed and at ease. He gave me hope and self belief that I could get to my weight loss goals. It was crazy, one call and it changed my life. Other clinics also sounded good, but they charged for a consultation, which I didn’t like. David told me my consultation would be free, which I really liked. Why should I have to pay just to get information?

I made my mind up after the consultation to have my gastric band surgery. This was carried out in September 2013, weighing just under 20 stone.

It is now July 2014, and I can proudly say that I weigh 11.5 stone.

It was a little tough in the beginning, I mean, its changing habits of a lifetime, but after a couple of weeks it became allot easier. This was thanks to the weight loss team, helping me when I found it hard. I love the regular calls that i get from David, just to check on me. People don’t recognise me anymore, which is a great feeling. I don’t recognise myself now, because the new me can say no to food! David and the team never put a doubt in my mind about the quality of care I would get. They believed in me from day one. For that, I will always be grateful. My gastric band is my new best friend!”

Jennifer - lost 120lb.

Jennifer Before and After

Gastric Balloon Testimonial

"I decided to get the gastric balloon with Auralia August 2013, having read through all of the paperwork with David had sent out to me, and having attended a consultation with them.

After having the procedure, I tried to follow the guidelines from the clinic as best I could. I have to say, it wasn’t too bad! I had some cramps for the first 4-5 days and I got sick a couple of times but I think this was more down to me not following the guidelines fully and going onto solid foods from liquids too early.

During the whole 6 months, I tried to follow the guides as best I could, and attend my appointments with the clinic. On the days when I didn’t follow the guides and I over-ate, the gastric balloon reminded me that it was there and I would get cramps along with vomiting the food back up. Once this happened once or twice, I learned from my mistakes!

Throughout the whole after-care program, the weight loss team would ring me regularly, just to check on me. I found this to be a great comfort as they always answered all of my questions. I would certainly applaud the after-care service from them.

If you are thinking about getting a gastric balloon I would 100% recommend having a consultation with Auralia. Read all of the guidelines they give you and take their advice. I won’t say that this program is easy, it does take some commitment, but the help you get from the team and from the balloon makes it much easier than doing it alone! Put the effort in and the results are well worth it!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Auralia team for their professionalism during my aftercare. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate using their services again!”.

Aline - lost 44lb.

Aline Before, 3 Months and After
Gastric Band Testimonial

“I always struggled with my weight as a child and was often bullied due to my shape ,I never felt comfortable in my own skin and when I found out I was pregnant at age 28 I worried even more. Due to a high risk pregnancy I was hospitalised for almost the entire duration of the pregnancy and was put on strict bed rest. The inevitable happened! I went up to nearly 16 stone! After the birth my weight yet again ballooned to nearly 18 stone. I tried many diets from healthy eating to meal replacements but nothing seemed to work so I began to research the possibilities of surgery. After researching various methods and speaking to people I decided that the gastric band was the best choice. I booked a consultation in Auralia Park West Clinic, who had been recommended by quite a few people and a close friend. The consultation was free and all my questions were answered with great detail which I found very helpful. The weight loss surgery coordinator was brilliant. Any time I rang they were more than happy to answer my queries no matter how small they were. I had my band fitted in January 2012 (18 stone). November 22 2012, I now weigh 10 stone 9lbs!!

My life has changed so much since having the surgery. I had early signs of sleep apnoea, I couldn’t walk up my stairs without breaking into a sweat and being out of breath, I felt uncomfortable going out, I had no control whatsoever when it came to eating, I had no energy and I was constantly tired. That has all totally disappeared since losing the weight and I feel great. I don’t need to worry about the portion size of meals anymore. Before surgery I couldn’t understand how I wouldn’t feel hungry all of the time but I feel full after eating a small meal and feel as though I literally cannot fit another thing in! My number one passion is horses which I can now ride without having to stop after 10mins due to lack of energy, breath or pain! Having my gastric band surgery with Auralia is the best decision I have ever made. The after-care provided has helped me so much. I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, I feel more confident in myself and I have great support from the staff at Auralia Park West Clinic. Whenever I need it all I have to do is pick up the phone or drop in. Dave and Sarah, my weight loss coordinators, have been brilliant and ring often to see how things are going, it’s great knowing I have the support behind me. ”

Lindsey - Lost 103 lbs

Lindsey After Picture 1
Gastric Band Testimonial

"My name is Martin. I’m 38 and from Dublin. 18 months ago I managed to tip the scales at an “impressive” 24 stone. My life basically consisted of early mornings, late nights, lots of driving and lots of junk food. I wasn’t really a sweet eater, but takeaways were my big downfall. I suppose I really should’ve addressed the problem when the local Chinese and pizza shops knew me by my phone number and knew my order before I even said it! It got to the stage where I would call and just hear “Hey Martin, the usual is it?”. For some reason, it didn’t bother me though. I nearly took it as a compliment and felt important to be known. Although I always had some weight issues, it wasn’t until I got married that the weight really piled on, going from around 18 stone up to 24 stone in the space of 3 or 4 years. Unfortunately, the marriage broke down and I found myself loathing in self pity, living alone and using food at night as my comfort. I could be so good all day, eating small healthy portions for breakfast and lunch, or even going without one, or both meals some days. But as soon as the evening came at home, nothing was stopping me from having what I wanted! I would look forward to it from midday onwards. Looking back now, it’s crazy to think that this was the way I lived my life from day to day, but it’s what made me “happy” at the time.

It was only when I went to the doctor that he recommended a blood test, due to my weight. This was the first time in maybe 2 years that I stood on a scales. I remember the feeling in my stomach seeing the number go up and up. It seemed like a double blow when I was informed that my cholesterol was through the roof and that I was lucky to have not developed diabetes. I tried to lose weight myself, but I just couldn’t handle eating small portions. Everything had to be big. It was a friend who recommended that I look at a gastric band, having seen a colleague do so well with one. I got the information off him and made a call to Auralia. I spoke with David in allot of detail and within a week I was in for an appointment. A month later and I had my surgery!

Its now 18 months after that day and I have lost just over 8 stone. I could have never imagined how much my life would change before this. I’m now healthier, more confident, fitter and happier! Food doesn’t have a hold on my life anymore. I now have the freedom to enjoy doing other things. I still have the odd takeaway here and there, but it’s nothing compared to the past. After a small amount of food I feel the same way as before, when I was eating huge amounts, which is great! I exercise a couple of times a week and really look forward to it now. It wasn’t an easy journey and I made plenty of little slip ups on the way, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I owe the Auralia team allot of thanks for helping me when I needed it most through the program.

So many people ask me about the weight loss, asking “how much have you lost”. My answer to them now is “let me tell you what I have gained!”.

Martin - Lost 116 lbs

Martin Before and After
Gastric band Removal and Replacement Testimonial

"I originally had my gastric band with another clinic in Ireland in 2012, but had to fly to the UK for my surgery. At the time, I didn’t actually know that there were facilities in Ireland where they carry out the procedure.

I lost just under 5 stone inside the first year. Life seemed great, I had my confidence back, I was exercising, I was fit and I felt healthy! Around 14 months after my surgery I started to experience discomfort when eating due to my gastric band being too tight, following a fill. I called the clinic but I was told that I would either have to go to Belfast or wait for a couple of weeks before I could get fluid taken from the band in Dublin. I was told to just eat soft food until an appointment came up. This progressively got worse so in desperation I called Auralia to ask them for advice. I spoke with David Keogh who advised me to go for a barium swallow, as my symptoms sounded like a possible “band slippage”, which is where the gastric band slips downwards on the stomach, possibly from it being left too tight for too long. The results showed that the band had slipped and I was advised that I required more surgery to fix it. I went to the clinic I had the original surgery with, but they insisted on me paying full price for another procedure, even though they hadn’t loosened the band when I had asked them and first shown symptoms.

Having called Auralia again, David told me that it was possible to go through their clinic to have the gastric band replaced. When I compared the costs and all of the pros and cons, along with the experience I had with the previous clinic, the decision to go with Auralia was made in minutes.

I am now 2 months after my gastric band removal and replacement with Auralia and the level of care I have received is nothing short of amazing. When compared with my previous experience, I just wish that I’d gone with Auralia in the first place. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I’m just glad I’m on the right path now. The best advice I could give to anybody is to stay in a clinic that does the surgeries in Ireland. When I chose my original provider I was promised everything yet received nothing. With Auralia they have exceeded everything promised. From the bottom of my heart, I really mean it when I say thank you to the weight loss team for helping me through my experience.

Having talked to the Auralia team and other patients in detail about my experience, I was told that they allow patients to come to the clinic 24/7 if there are any suspected issues with their gastric band. This is what I should have received, which almost certainly would have prevented the band from slipping in the long run.”


Gastric Band Testimonial

“My name is Sarah, I’m from Kildare and I’m 23 years old. I have had my gastric band for almost 6 months now.

I had been thinking about weight loss surgery since I was 20 and made contact with Auralia about a year ago. At first I had my heart set on a gastric bypass but after speaking with Dave, he explained to me that the risks involved with the bypass were allot higher than the gastric band and he said that my BMI was more suited towards a gastric band. At the time I was 16 stone. My BMI was 42. I went in for a consultation with Dave and my mother came with me. We had a long chat about the gastric band and I was very happy to start planning towards my surgery. Before talking to Dave I didn’t know allot of details on surgery to lose weight and to be honest I assumed that once you had the surgery the weight would just fall off you without doing very much work. I had read on allot of websites that this isn’t the case but I think I was still hoping that it would work like that for me! Dave told us to go home and think about it first before making any plans to move forward. I called the clinic a few days later and spoke to Dave again and asked if I could arrange my surgery. I remember making the call thinking that it was the first step towards the surgery but I was disappointed when Dave advised that I should wait at least 3 months before having the surgery to make sure that I had tried to lose the weight again on my own. He told me that he was advising this because of my age and because he believed that I hadn’t fully accepted that the gastric band won’t do all of the work. He sent me allot of information on how the gastric band works and asked me to look through it and start to understand it.

3 months later, after another meeting with Dave and with Dr. Hewin I finally had my date for surgery sorted. On the day of surgery I was 15 stone 5lb, having lost just over half a stone by following some advice from Dave before the surgery. Over the first month I lost 8lb and got to a little under 15 stone! The second month was a little harder to lose weight and I only lost 3lb. I was really disappointed with this because I thought it would come off allot faster but I was re-assured by Dr. Hewin that I was doing alright and that I would eventually get there. By three months in I was 17lb down! I started to exercise more regularly as I got a bit more confident and for the first time in a few years I actually went out with friends to a party!

It’s now 6 months on from my day of surgery and I am 12 stone 6lb! Altogether I have lost just over 3 and a half stone so far. I have a goal of 10 stone by the end of the year.

Looking back, I think the decision from the clinic to make me wait and do more research on the gastric band was what helped me most. Had I not done that I would have went into this with blinkers on, not believing that the band is a tool for weight loss and you need to work with it. On bad days (everybody will still have bad days) my gastric band is my best friend. It stops me from letting go and eating a mountain of food. I think this is the biggest benefit for me! Before I got it done, a bad day would end up leading to 3 or 4 take-aways over the next couple of days. Now, if I do get a take away I can only eat a very small amount and then have to stop. I do miss eating big meals sometimes but dropping 4 sizes tastes so much better.

The decision to have this done was definitely the right one for me and I know when I am unsure of anything or having a bad day I can pick up the phone or drop into the clinic and get it sorted out. I really am a different person now, I love life and I am looking forward to finally reaching my goal. Once I do this, I want to try doing the mini marathon in under 1 hour!”

Sarah – lost 50lb in 6 months

“I struggled with my weight my entire life. I tried everything, every diet and exercise combination imaginable, but had managed to diet my way to over 300 lbs. At that weight, life was a struggle. Even though I was young, I had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic and suffered from constant lower back pain.

I discovered the LAP-BAND on the internet, attended a patient seminar and immediately knew it was right for me. Since my surgery, I no longer have high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels or lower back pain.

The LAP-BAND has been the tool that I needed to finally be successful at losing weight!”

Lisa - Lost 140 lbs

Lisa Testimonial

"I was dedicated to losing weight and tried everything, but nothing worked. I felt as if I was losing control of my life. I chose the Lap-Band System because the surgery is much shorter, less risky and the recovery is quicker.

Now, almost four years after my surgery, I am still in control of my weight and my life!"

Frank - Lost 135 lbs

Frank Testimonial

"I chose the Lap-Band System because I felt it could be an effective tool to help me lose weight. I’ve found that it’s a lifestyle that anyone can live with.

I’m now healthier and more active and I have so much more self confidence!"

Andrea - Lost 110 lbs

Andrea Testimonial

"The Lap-Band has given me my life back.

All the activities I had missed out on for more than 20 years are once again within my Reach!"

Dan - Lost 170 lbs

Dan Testimonial
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