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Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program
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What is it?

Our non-surgical weight loss program greatly assists patients in shedding those stubborn pounds without the assistance of surgical procedures or implanted devices. Each patient will have their program tailor-made to suit their ability and goals, however big or small they may be.

How it’s done:

Our non-surgical weight loss program provides patients with expert exercise and nutritional guidelines whilst also providing constant support and motivation through regular meetings with our weight loss co-ordinator throughout the program. Patients will not only lose their excess weight, they will also be educated on how to keep the weight off long term and how to build themselves a healthier happier lifestyle. Each patient will also have their cholesterol levels, glucose levels and blood pressure determined before and after the program.

Advantages of our non-surgical weight loss program:

• No medical procedure is required.
• Nutritional and exercise guidelines are structured around each individual’s goals and capabilities.
• Our program is designed to not only assist patients in losing weight, but to also educate them in how to keep the weight off.
• Regular consultations throughout the program make achieving your goals easier and increase your motivation to succeed.

After-care at Auralia:

Here at Auralia we take pride in our comprehensive after-care program.

• You will receive regular telephone calls from our weight loss co-ordinator.
• You will receive full expert nutritional and exercise guidelines in order to maximize your weight loss along with educating you on your long term weight loss management plan.
• You will have regular follow up sessions with our weight loss surgery co-ordinator in order to maximize your results.
"Losing more than 10% of your overall weight can lower your overall risk of death by more than 20%. It can lower your risk of diabetes related death by more than 30% and it can lower your risk of obesity cancer related death by more than 40%."

"Regular exercise along with a healthy diet has been proven to significantly lower levels of “bad” cholesterol by up to 50%, which greatly assists in lowering the possibility of developing heart disease."

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