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Gastric Sleeve
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What is it?

The gastric sleeve, also known as a sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical procedure during which the capacity of the stomach is dramatically decreased in order to aid in weight loss, whilst also resulting in a feeling of “fullness”, having only eaten a small portion of food. The gastric sleeve is one of the world’s leading methods of weight loss surgery, with hundreds of thousands having already been carried out.

How it’s done:

The gastric sleeve procedure involves the removal of a large portion of the stomach, whilst under general anaesthetic, through laproscopy (keyhole surgery). During the procedure, your consultant surgeon will remove 75-85% of your stomach, creating a much smaller sleeve shaped stomach, which has a capacity to hold only a small portion of food. The procedure is carried out within our state of the art, fully CHKS, NTPF and ISO accredited private hospital in Dublin. The procedure usually takes around 90 minutes to complete.

Advantages of the Gastric Sleeve:

• The section of stomach which has been removed is where a hormone called Ghrelin is produced. Ghrelin is also known as the “hunger hormone”, as it makes you feel hungry when released. Removing this part of the stomach dramatically decreases your natural appetite, along with only being able to eat a small portion of food.
• The surgery is completed via laproscopy (keyhole surgery), meaning that the recovery and healing time is substantially decreased.
• The gastric sleeve works from day one, requiring very little after-care. Unlike the gastric band, the gastric sleeve doesn’t require follow up appointments for adjustments in the future.
• The gastric sleeve will result in faster weight loss than a gastric balloon or a gastric band.

After-care at Auralia:

Here at Auralia Weight Loss Clinic we take pride in our comprehensive after-care program which has been proven to be the most effective program for long term weight loss and weight management. As part of your after-care:

• You will have access to twenty-four hour phone lines which put you through directly to a member of our medical team, day or night!
• You will receive full expert nutritional guidelines which are worded in a way that is easy to understand whilst still explaining every detail of the foods and drinks which you should consume along with explaining portion sizes, cooking instructions and how to re-adjust your eating habits.
• You will receive tailored exercise guidelines which are structured around your own abilities. We have structured these guidelines for many patients around long term goals such as walking a 5km race or even running a marathon! Whatever your goal is, we will work towards it as a team!
• You will be entitled to UNLIMITED appointments with our weight loss team in order to maximise your results for the entire duration of your after-care!
• You will receive FULL surgical cover.

How much weight will I lose?

This is largely dependent on your current weight and your weight loss goal. However, a typical weight loss would be between 6 and 7 stone (38-44kg) within the first year. Several patients have lost as much as 11 stone (70kg) within this time. A patient’s weight loss is largely dependent on how much effort they put into the program. Generally, the more you interact with the program, the more successful you will be. It is also important to note that Auralia Weight Loss Clinic has NEVER had a patient who simply hasn’t lost weight on our gastric sleeve program!

Frequently asked Questions About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

"Gastric sleeve patients have experienced complete resolution or remission of their type II diabetes in up to 70% of cases"
"More than 76% of gastric sleeve patients have been able to reduce or stop their anti-hypertensive (blood pressure) medication"
"Up to 77% of gastric sleeve patients show major improvement or complete resolution of abnormal blood fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides"

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