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Gastric Band / Lap Band Surgery
What is it?

The Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band, or Lap. Band, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is carried out in order to assist with weight loss. The purpose of the procedure is to reduce the amount of food a person can eat, whilst also making them feel full quite early on whilst eating. The Lap. Band has proven results with over 800,000 being placed worldwide.

How it’s done:

An inflatable silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. When placed around the upper part of the stomach, a new small stomach “pouch” about the size of a golf ball is created above the band, leaving the larger part of the stomach below. This procedure is carried out within our state of the art, fully CHKS, NTPF and ISO accredited, private hospital in Dublin. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and is completed via laparoscopy (keyhole surgery). The procedure usually takes around 35-45 minutes to complete.

Advantages of the Lap. Band.

• The main advantage of the Lap. Band is its adjustability. The Lap. Band can be tightened or loosened in a matter of minutes in our clinic. We understand that no two patients are the same, therefore, we will adjust every individual Lap. Band until we find the perfect fit for each patient.
• The surgery itself is minimally invasive, only taking around 35-45 minutes to complete. There is minimal scarring with very small incisions made. The stomach itself remains fully intact, along with the full digestive system.
• Unlike other obesity surgeries, the Lap. Band is fully reversible. Although it is not our intention to do so, should anybody wish to have the Lap. Band removed, they will be left with a fully intact stomach and gastro-intestinal tract.

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After-care at Auralia.

Here at Auralia Weight Loss Clinic we take pride in our comprehensive after-care program which has been proven to be the most effective program for long term weight loss and weight management. As part of your after-care:

• You will have access to twenty-four hour phone lines which put you through directly to a member of our medical team, day or night!
• You will receive full expert nutritional guidelines which are worded in a way that is easy to understand whilst still explaining every detail of the foods and drinks which you should consume along with explaining portion sizes, cooking instructions and how to re-adjust your eating habits.
• You will receive tailored exercise guidelines which are structured around your own abilities. We have structured these guidelines for many patients around long term goals such as walking a 5km race or even running a marathon! Whatever your goal is, we will work towards it as a team!
• You will be entitled to UNLIMITED appointments with our weight loss team in order to maximise your results for the entire duration of your after-care!
• You will be entitled to have your gastric band adjusted every month throughout your after-care.
• You will receive FULL surgical cover!

How much weight will I lose?

This is largely dependent on your current weight and your weight loss goal. However, a typical weight loss would be between 5 and 6 stone (32-38kg) within the first year. Several patients have lost as much as 9 stone (57kg) within this time. A patient’s weight loss is largely dependent on how much effort they put into the program. Generally, the more you interact with the program, the more successful you will be. It is also important to note that Auralia Weight Loss Clinic has NEVER had a patient who simply hasn’t lost weight on our gastric band program!

The Allergan Gastric Band Advantage

The gastric band that we use is the Allergan gastric band. This particular device is the most advanced gastric band worldwide and is the first and only gastric band device to receive full FDA approval for patients with a BMI above 30 as a result of more than 10 years of research in collaboration with leading surgeons throughout the world which has proven it to be the safest and most reliable gastric band available throughout the world by a significant margin. With more than 700,000 Allergan gastric bands being placed worldwide, it is the most widely used device on the market. The Allergan gastric band also boasts the highest fill volume available compared to every other device on the market which allows for more accurate individual adjustments along with greater flexibility for our patients. The Allergan gastric band is the most researched medical device for weight loss worldwide and has been the focus of more than 5000 published research papers.

With this in mind, you can rest assured that you are receiving the safest, most reliable gastric band available throughout the world!

Frequently asked Questions About Gastric Band Surgery

"37% - the percentage of obese patients on medication whose diabetes remained in remission one year after weight loss surgery, compared with 12% of those who relied on medication alone"
Source: Time Magazine

"Just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You have a lovely manner and made the whole experience far less scary and intimidating than I thought it would be. Keep up the good work and thanks again for everything."

- A.B., Dublin

"What more can I say but the BIGGEST thank you to the team at Auralia. You have given me my life back."

- R.H., Limerick

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