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Gastric Balloon
What is it?

The Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight-loss device for moderately obese individual’s which is used to assist them in losing their excess weight. The purpose of the Gastric Balloon is to partially fill the stomach, giving a feeling of fullness, whilst restricting the amount of food you can consume. Patients not only feel less hungry, but feel fuller more quickly after small meals. The gastric balloon is a temporary device and is removed after a number of months.

How it’s done.

The Gastric Balloon is placed in a deflated state into your stomach via an endoscopic tube through the mouth and inflated with an external catheter once it is in place. The procedure is not carried out under general anaesthetic, however, the patient is given a mild sedative to help them relax beforehand, and a local anaesthetic to numb the throat. The procedure will take approximately 20 minutes and the patient can return home within a couple of hours after the procedure. There are no incisions made to any part of the body whatsoever.

Removal of the Gastric Balloon

The Gastric Balloon is removed in the same way it was placed, via an endoscopic procedure through the mouth. The patient will be given a mild sedative and a local anaesthetic to numb the throat. Using an endoscopic camera, the physician will introduce a catheter through the mouth and into the stomach. The balloon will then be drained of the saline fluid and deflated. Once the balloon is drained it can be grasped and removed easily. The patient can return home within a couple of hours.

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Aftercare following the Gastric Balloon

Here at Auralia Weight Loss Clinic we pride ourselves in our comprehensive aftercare program, which you will receive for one year after your procedure.

• You will have access to twenty-four hour telephone support after the procedure.
• You will receive daily telephone checks for one week after the procedure.
• You will have UNLIMITED follow up sessions with our weight loss surgery coordinator for one year after your procedure.
• You will receive our expert nutritional and exercise guidelines in order to maximize your weight loss and sustain your loss long term.
• You will receive FULL surgical cover whilst your gastric balloon is in place.

How much weight could I expect to lose?

Patients participating in the program can expect to achieve significant weight loss. The amount of weight you lose will depend on how much you adhere to the nutritional and exercise guidelines. In general, we would expect our patients to lose a minimum of 16kg (approx. 2.5 stone).

The following results were achieved in two large published clinical studies using the gastric balloon.

Brazilian study, 2004
323 patients;
average weight loss after 6 months: 15kg (2 Stone, 5 lbs)

European study, 2005
2,515 patients;
average weight loss after 6 months: 20kg (3 Stone, 2 lbs)

Frequently asked Questions About Gastric Balloon Surgery

"20Kg - The average weight loss in 6 months of 2,515 patients in a European Study of Gastric Balloon users"
Source: Time Magazine

"I appreciate everything all your staff has done. From the moment I picked up the phone, I knew this was going to be a good experience. I am delighted with the result and all the aftercare support I received. Ill spread the good word of your clinic." - E.T., Dublin

"I am indebted to the Doctor for an amazing result. All your help was greatly appreciated. A big thank you to the nurses as well for taking such good care of me afterwards."
- K.C., Cork

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