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• How will my weight loss results compare with other diet programmes?
You can expect to lose more weight. Because you will feel full sooner and longer after small meals - a result of the gastric balloon placed in your stomach - you are better able to control your eating and make healthy changes in your eating habits.

• How is the gastric balloon device placed inside my stomach without surgery?
Placement of the balloon generally takes approximately 20 minutes during which you will be lightly sedated. The deflated balloon is inserted into your stomach through your mouth (endoscopy). Immediately after the balloon is placed it is filled with saline solution, you will remain in the clinic for observation until the doctor discharges you a couple of hours later. The gastric balloon is removed through the mouth in a similar manner, under the same conditions.

• Will this gastric balloon limit my activity?
The first week you should not plan any heavy activity. Once your body has adjusted to the balloon, however, you can continue your normal activities. Starting a regular exercise programme is highly recommended and will dramatically improve your weight loss and general well being.

• After the initial settling period, can I eat anything I want?
You will not feel like eating as much as you used to. In addition, if you eat fatty or sweet foods, you may feel sick. Excessive overeating while the gastric balloon is in place can be dangerous and will result in sickness and a very uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.

• What about side effects or complications?
The first three to five days can be difficult. Cramping, nausea and vomiting are normal and should be expected. It is very important that you follow the nutritional instructions and drink plenty of fluids. You may be prescribed medications to ease the discomfort. After this period, your body will adapt to the gastric balloon and you will be capable of eating small portions of food comfortably.

• How long will it take to recover after the procedure?
You should plan at least three days of inactivity to recover from the procedure. You will be able to resume normal activity sooner or later than this depending on how your body adjusts to the gastric balloon.

• Will I be able to feel the balloon in my stomach?
There will be discomfort for the first few days. After that, the primary sensation of the device will be a feeling of fullness.

• Why can the device only be used for a temporary period?
The gastric balloon must be removed after 6 months. If it is not removed at this time interval, it can leak and deflate. It will likely pass through your body naturally but in some cases it may need to be removed by a doctor. In addition to that, over time, your body will adapt to the gastric balloon, meaning that the long term effect of it would be minimal.

• How quickly will I lose the weight?
The time frame for weight loss will vary from patient to patient and will depend, to a large degree, on how well they adapt to the gastric balloon, alter their eating behaviour and adopt an exercise regime. Experience has shown, however, that 70-80% of a patient's weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment.

• Will I regain the weight once the gastric balloon has been removed?
Patients who alter their eating behaviour and adopt an exercise regime have seen the greatest and most sustained success. There are no miracles in weight loss, as you well know. Failure to continue with your exercise and eating plan will result in re-gaining the weight you have lost.
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“I always feared going under anaesthetic. The gastric balloon gave me the chance to lose weight without that fear!”

“The program gave me the kick start I needed to get moving again! 1 year on and I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss. On top of that, I jogged my first ˝ marathon last month.”

"If, like me, you tried every “miracle” diet out there and none of them worked for you then I would have no hesitation recommending Auralia!”

“The big thing that helped me was knowing that you were working with people who had their own weight issues in the past. I think that made the big difference, particularly when discussing my eating issues with Dave.”

“4 months to get into a wedding dress 3 sizes smaller than me didn’t seem possible. I had even contemplated postponing the wedding until next year! 6 months on from that and I’m 2 months happily married in my new size 10!”
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