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Why choose Auralia Weight Loss Clinic?

by David Keogh, February 5th, 2014

Almost all patients will question why they should choose Auralia Weight Loss Clinic when deciding on a gastric band procedure. With this in mind, I have outlined a number of reasons why we believe that we are the benchmark for gastric band programs in Ireland.

Irish Made, Irish Owned:

Auralia Weight Loss Clinic is an Irish company! We are a division of Auralia Cosmetic Enhancement, Irelandís number one cosmetic surgery clinic, which has been successfully carrying out procedures in Ireland for more than 10 years. We own our own private hospital in Dublin, along with two other clinics in Limerick and Kilkenny. All of our procedures and after-care is carried out on our own premises, by our own team! All of our doctors are fully registered with the Irish Medical Council and many of them hold positions on advisory boards for governing bodies with regards to weight loss surgery.


Auralia Weight Loss Clinic doesnít just provide patients with a gastric band procedure. We provide our patients with an all-inclusive program. Patients receive full, in depth, nutritional and exercise guides which cover every aspect of both topics. All patients are entitled to UNLIMITED appointments, not just for 1 year, but for life! All patients will be entitled to adjustments for the first 12 months after their procedure. Every patient will also receive full surgical cover, meaning that they can rest assured that if, in the unlikely event, there was a complication, Auralia Weight Loss Clinic has you covered! We will stand by all of our patients in order to ensure that they have the best experience possible.

We are committed to ensuring that the devices we use are of the highest possible standard. The gastric band device which we use is the Allergan gastric band, or Lap. Band, as its otherwise known. This particular device has been approved for use by the FDA and it is the only device worldwide which is allowed to be used in patients with a BMI above 30, due to the increased safety of the patient when using this device. Due to the FDA approval, the Allergan gastric band comes with a lifetime guarantee for all patients!


Unlike other cosmetic and weight loss clinics, Auralia Weight Loss Clinicís facilities are registered as a hospital! The facilities have achieved full CHKS, NTPF and ISO accreditations. These accreditations have been awarded as a result of cleanliness, care and the exceptionally high standards which have been observed and monitored from the reception area right through to the consultation suites and theatres by the governing bodies over a number of years.


Our Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr. David Hewin, has carried out thousands of weight loss procedures and boasts an exceptionally high success rate, which in incomparable worldwide. He has spearheaded, and been part of, multiple published medical studies regarding weight loss surgery and he successfully set up a weight loss clinic in 2003 which is now regarded as a Centre of Excellence due to the success rates of his patients attending. Our entire weight loss team have extensive experience with weight loss from a personal level, as well as from a professional level. Personally, I have lost 5 stone. I have experienced weight loss and weight re-gain, having tried every diet and pill available! I have also trusted our team with my own mother, who is a patient on our gastric band program. Our bariatric nurse has also assisted his mother through this program and she has now successfully lost more than 8 stone with her gastric band.


Auralia Weight Loss Clinic operates with the philosophy of doing what is right for the patient. We operate an open door policy with our patients and allow them to contact us whenever needed, day and night! Honesty plays a huge role in our teamís philosophy, and we will always be 100% honest with any patients or individuals enquiring about weight loss procedures. We believe that itís important for patients to assess all of the cons as well as the pros of any procedure. Therefore, we will explain everything in full to them. In order to get this information, we understand that most patients will want to come in for a chat with us before deciding whether this is the right decision for them. With this in mind, we donít believe its right to charge a patient for a consultation, so we donít! Patients should be capable of attending clinics and asking any questions they have before having to hand over a penny!

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Meet Dave
Dave Blog Picture Hi guys my name is Dave and I am the weight loss surgery co-ordinator for Auralia Weight loss Clinic. To give you a brief
introduction to myself, I am an extremely enthusiastic individual and I love to challenge myself to achieve higher targets. I personally know what it is like to lose weight having lost almost 5 stone in one year following a diet and exercise plan which I developed myself. Since then, I have developed an enormous interest in weight loss and I get great satisfaction knowing that I am helping other people achieve their target weights. I love playing sports and I have coaching qualifications in many various activities including rugby and Olympic weight lifting. I have also represented Ireland on a number of occasions in tenpin bowling. The aim of this blog is to give an insight as to what weight loss surgery is actually like, whether that is the gastric band or the gastric balloon. Every week or so I will post a new blog.


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