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Our Philosophy

by David Keogh, January 1st, 2013

When it comes to weight loss procedures, I believe that the patients have a different mentality to patients having other procedures. With many other procedures the results are almost instant and involve only a couple of visits to the clinic. Weight loss procedures are different. We understand that something as simple as making the initial enquiry to the clinic can be a far bigger step for weight loss patients to make. In the majority of cases, the patient has been considering this small step for a very long time and has built up allot of courage to finally say I need help. With this in mind, our philosophy is simple. We intend to be as open, honest and understanding with our patients from day one onwards. I feel that its important for patients to know all of the pros and cons regarding the procedure they are interested in. We also believe that patients should be entitled to have access to this information without the necessity of having to pay any fee. This is the main reason that we dont charge our patients for consultations. We give all of our enquiring patients free information packs and encourage them to ask as many questions as possible, no matter how big or small. The more a patient understands their gastric band, the more successful they will be!

Long term, we continue this philosophy of being open with our patients. We believe that its important that any decisions are made together. Were all part of a team and need to work with each other if the patient is to be successful. We continue to encourage our patients to ask anything they are even slightly unsure of. Over the course of the aftercare program the patient will attend the clinic many times. With this in mind, its important to develop a trusting relationship with them. Again, doing this will greatly assist the patient in achieving their weight loss goals.

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Meet Dave
Dave Blog Picture Hi guys my name is Dave and I am the weight loss surgery co-ordinator for Auralia Weight loss Clinic. To give you a brief
introduction to myself, I am an extremely enthusiastic individual and I love to challenge myself to achieve higher targets. I personally know what it is like to lose weight having lost almost 5 stone in one year following a diet and exercise plan which I developed myself. Since then, I have developed an enormous interest in weight loss and I get great satisfaction knowing that I am helping other people achieve their target weights. I love playing sports and I have coaching qualifications in many various activities including rugby and Olympic weight lifting. I have also represented Ireland on a number of occasions in tenpin bowling. The aim of this blog is to give an insight as to what weight loss surgery is actually like, whether that is the gastric band or the gastric balloon. Every week or so I will post a new blog.


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