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Gastric Band in Ireland

by David Keogh, June 20th, 2013

We are regularly asked the question of why a patient should stay in Ireland and have their gastric band surgery with Auralia Weight Loss Clinic, rather than going over-seas to have it done. For this reason, I have decided to point out what I believe to be the benefits of this.

First and foremost, regarding any type of surgery, 99% of the time it is far more convenient for a patient to stay within their own country, rather than having to organise themselves to travel abroad. In addition to that, as with all surgeries, there will be some initial recovery time needed. For the majority of patients, they would much rather be able to easily travel home right from the door of the clinic as opposed to making their way through a foreign airport and sitting on a flight for a number of hours. Whilst many clinics operating over-seas may entice patients with what appears to be a very low priced surgery, the patient must also take into account that the advertised cost, in the majority of cases, does not include flights and accommodation for themselves and their partner.

Regarding gastric band surgery, the benefits of remaining at home can, in some cases, go much further than this. Private clinics operating within Ireland are under much tighter regulations than some other clinics abroad. As a direct result of this, the standard of staff, equipment and care can be of a significantly higher level. Auralia Weight Loss Clinic is the only CHKS fully accredited private hospital carrying out gastric band surgery in Ireland. Having a CHKS accreditation will provide patients and staff with a distinct advantage in treatments and facilities from the main reception area right through to the consultation suites and the operating theatres.

Regarding the gastric band device, in general, the gastric band with the lowest complication rate is usually the most expensive. With clinics offering gastric band surgery at knock-down prices, the likelihood of the clinic using this device is significantly lower. Within Auralia Weight Loss Clinic we only use gastric band devices with the lowest complication rates on the market. As a result of this, long term, the patient is far more likely to be successful and is far more likely to have an incident-free weight loss journey.

As outlined above, some clinics may use gastric band devices which have been proven to have a higher rate of complications. Should a patient who has had their surgery within a clinic that does this begin to have complications which require additional surgery, they would be required to travel abroad again to have the matter resolved. It must be taken into account that, in some cases, depending on the complication, travelling long distances by airplane may not be possible for the patient because of the severity of their complication. Should this be the case, they would have no choice but to attend a hospital where, in most cases, the gastric band will be removed without any possibility of resolving the issue. In addition to the above, the patient will also need to cover the cost of travel to get back to the clinic, along with the cost of the additional surgery, in many cases. Within Auralia Weight Loss Clinic all patients are given full surgical cover throughout their after-care program. This means that, although they are very rare, should a complication arise, the patient is in a far better position knowing that there is minimal travel to the clinic and knowing that there will be no financial burden as a result of it, regardless of the complication.

Regardless of where a patient gets their gastric band procedure carried out, the after-care provided will play an enormous role in determining the patients’ level of success regarding their weight loss. Gastric band adjustments will also play a huge role in assisting the patient with their weight loss. Within Auralia Weight Loss Clinic we provide all of our patients with the opportunity to have their gastric band adjusted each month. Patients will not need an adjustment each month, nevertheless, they will still have the opportunity, if they wish. Should a patient feel as though they would like some fluid removed from their band, they can call us and come into the clinic immediately for this to be done. Auralia Weight Loss Clinic’s after-care program includes all of these appointments, so the patient doesn’t need to worry about any additional costs for gastric band adjustments. For many patients who travel over-seas, this may not be the case. Many clinics do not include the cost of adjustments within their gastric band program. In addition to that, a number of clinics over-seas also expect their patients to fly back to the clinic each time they need their gastric band adjusted. Not ignoring the fact that the organisation and effort for the patient involved in doing this is quite substantial, many patients do not realise that, although the initial cost of surgery appeared to be quite attractive, the long term costs turn out to be far greater than had they stayed within Ireland for their gastric band surgery.

Within Auralia Weight Loss Clinic we provide our gastric band patients with the option to come into the clinic for appointments as many times as they wish throughout their after-care program. Should a patient choose to attend the clinic for an appointment every day, they are entitled to do so at no extra cost! Many patients simply want to drop in and have a chat about their progress or about their plans to do a walk or run or highlight any issues they come across. Whatever their reasons, we are always here to listen and provide constant support to them. We believe that providing patients with the option of having this level of support throughout their after-care program greatly assists them in achieving their goals. The regular contact with patients also greatly assists us in highlighting any potential issues before they become anything bigger. For patients attending clinics over-seas, this may not be possible to do. Many clinics provide minimal or no support to their patients and may only see each patient once every couple of months. The majority of clinics over-seas do not provide patients with the option to simply drop in for a chat. Of the clinics that do provide this option, many of them charge an additional fee to the patient for doing so.

Auralia Weight Loss Clinic has proven time and time again that we can assist patients in achieving their final weight loss goals whilst minimising the risks of complications arising as a result of the pre and post operative care that we provide. I firmly believe that patients are greatly assisted along their journey by simply knowing that we are here if they need anything. With a quick phone call or email they can be into the clinic on the same day and have any issues resolved quickly, professionally and safely within a familiar environment in their own country.

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