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Gastric Balloon Surgery in Ireland

by David Keogh, March 25th, 2014

In recent years, the gastric balloon has taken off in Ireland as a realistic option for people wanting to lose weight, having tried other methods and failed. Within Auralia Weight Loss Clinic, we have observed the number of enquiries rising, as we continue to produce exceptional results for our patients. Many of these enquiries are from friends and family of other patients, meaning that we can rely on word of mouth, being confident that we are providing our patients with the highest standards of care!

Our gastric balloon program begins with placement of the balloon within our own fully CHKS, NTPF and ISO accredited private hospital in Dublin by our expert Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr. David Hewin. This procedure takes around 15 minutes and the patient can go home a couple of hours later. It is from this point that Auralia Weight Loss Clinic’s program differs from other providers. Unlike other clinics, we provide all of our patients with UNLIMITED appointments for 1 year after their gastric balloon procedure, meaning that they can rest easy knowing that they can drop in, whenever they wish! All of our patients are given full nutritional and exercise guides which explain in great detail exactly what they need to do in order to lose their excess weight. We are so confident within our own abilities that we also provide patients with full surgical cover, meaning that in the unlikely event that there was ever a complication, we take responsibility for covering this, not the patient!

The gastric balloon itself is removed after 6 months. The reasons for this are quite simple. Once the 6 month mark has been reached, the patients’ stomach has adapted to the gastric balloon, meaning that there is no point in leaving it in. Whilst some clinics offer gastric balloons for 12 months, we believe that this is pointless, as research has proven that more than 90% of the weight loss is achieved within the first 6 months.

Throughout the program, including the 6 months after the balloon has been removed, our patients can attend the clinic for appointments as often as they wish. We find that these appointments work as a great motivation to our patients when working towards their weight loss goals. Being given targets and working toward them as a team makes it allot easier to achieve them!

Gastric balloons have certainly came a long way and can now be judged as a realistic weight loss option for the majority of people!

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Meet Dave
Dave Blog Picture Hi guys my name is Dave and I am the weight loss surgery co-ordinator for Auralia Weight loss Clinic. To give you a brief
introduction to myself, I am an extremely enthusiastic individual and I love to challenge myself to achieve higher targets. I personally know what it is like to lose weight having lost almost 5 stone in one year following a diet and exercise plan which I developed myself. Since then, I have developed an enormous interest in weight loss and I get great satisfaction knowing that I am helping other people achieve their target weights. I love playing sports and I have coaching qualifications in many various activities including rugby and Olympic weight lifting. I have also represented Ireland on a number of occasions in tenpin bowling. The aim of this blog is to give an insight as to what weight loss surgery is actually like, whether that is the gastric band or the gastric balloon. Every week or so I will post a new blog.


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